Welcome to Monsoon Master Class

The Monsoon Masterclass is a culmination of the Monsoon Masterclass photography workshops as well as the Monsoon AIR program, which is an artist residency offered to an invited artist every year, in Malaysia. Each year, some of the best photographers from around the world are invited to Malaysia for the Monsoon Masterclass with the sole interest in building the next generation of photographers and artists while investing in the process of documentation and education in Malaysia. The results of both the workshop and residency program is turned into two world-class photo books followed by a series of public photo exhibitions.

Monsoon AIR Program

© Ian Teh

The Monsoon AIR Programme is a photography artist residency that works with some of the world’s most prominent artists in developing high value photography projects in Malaysia. This project seeks to map out the journey and story of Malaysia through its historic, geographical, economic and social function.

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